Frequently asked questions

We list below the answers to a number of questions concerning the fifth SAF€RA joint call, launched in 2019.

Q   What is a transnational consortium pre-proposal?

A   A transnational consortium pre-proposal comprises at least two partner organizations from two (different) eligible countries/regions.

We suggest that you use this type of pre-proposal if you have already undertaken research with an organization in another eligible country/region, or have already identified research teams in other eligible countries that you would like to work with. You can also use one of the matchmaking services (see question below) to help you find partners for your consortium.

Q   What is a single-nation pre-proposal?

A   In a single-nation pre-proposal, the applicant accepts the principle of a collaboration with one or more other organizations. After the eligibility check and relevance assessment of pre-proposals, the Call Steering Committee will make suggestions for grouping two or more single-nation pre-proposals into a consortium, based on their thematic and methodological complementarities. Each potential partner of a proposed consortium then accepts or refuses their participation in the proposed consortium. Final decisions on the formation of consortia will be made by the Call Steering Committee.

We suggest that you use this type of pre-proposal if you do not have a pre-established network of relations with researchers and organizations in other European countries, or wish to establish new relationships with researchers from disciplines that you have not yet worked with. Please note however that we are not able to guarantee that we will find an eligible and relevant partner for each single-nation pre-proposal.

Q   What matchmaking facilities are available to help me establish contacts with potential research partners?

A   SAF€RA partners wish to encourage proposals from researchers who have not previously worked in the field of industrial safety, and therefore do not yet have a well developed network of relations with researchers and organizations in other European countries. SAF€RA partners also wish to encourage multidisciplinary projects, and recognize that researchers may not have a developed network outside of their own scientific discipline.

A web-based matchmaking facility is available to help you publish information on the types of collaboration that would interest you, and to browse expressions of interest published by other researchers.

Q   What is the recommended consortium size?

A   Given that the budgets available in this call are considerably lower than for classical FP7 integrated projects, we anticipate that most funded projects will involve between two and four partners. Note that projects funded by SAF€RA must comprise researchers from organizations in at least two different countries.

Q   Can partners from countries other than those funding the call join a consortium?

A   Organizations from countries which are not funding the call are able to join a consortium. If they match one of the SAF€RA funding organizations’ funding rules, they may apply for funding. They may also participate with their own funding.

Q   What are the guidelines on eligible costs and overhead rates?

A   Rules on eligible costs and admissible overhead rates will depend on the SAF€RA funding partner from whom you are requesting funding. Please contact the relevant contact person for details (see the Guidelines for proposers document for contact information for each participating SAF€RA partner).

Q   Can applicants be involved in more than one project?

A   Yes, it is possible to participate in more than one project.

Q   Can I submit a full proposal without submitting a pre-proposal?

A   No.

Q   Which organizations are funding this call?

A   The list of participating funding organizations is included in the Guidelines for proposers document. Please note that all funding comes from the national/regional funding organisations.

Q   What happens if a partner leaves the consortium after the project starts?

A   This issue should be covered by the Consortium Agreement that partners will establish once their proposal has been accepted for funding.

Image credit: oneeighteen, Creative Commons BY-NC licence.

Deadline for pre-proposals June 12nd 2024